Posted on June 30th, 2019

FREDAG DEN 13:E Tjugohundratretton CD (B6003)
Swedish D-beat crust influenced by Disfear, Victims, Poison Idea and of course Motorhead!

FREDAG DEN 13:E Domedaggar CD (B6004)
Aggressive, absolutely manic Scandicrust influenced by founding fathers: Disfear, Wolfpack, Wolfbrigade, Victims, Skitsystem.

NICE IDIOT This is no Party CD (B6005)
Fast and furious old school Hardcore.

INFERNAL DAMAGE Age of violence CD (B6006)
Russian brutal old school grindcore devastation!

LIVET SOM INSATS Livet Som Insats CD (B6007)
First time I heard Livet Som Insats was in Grindcore Karaoke, a label run by J. Randall/ Agoraphobic Nosebleed, I was fascinated and excited to help them. LSI have the power!

You will suffer under high voltage of the My Minds Mine and Sick Of Stupidity. Dutch Grindcore pioneers are back.

WAKE Sowing the seeds of a worthless tomorrow CD (B6009)
When it comes to grindcore, few bands these days can top the overwhelming barrage of wrath and aggression unloaded on the listener and or spectator by Calgary’s WAKE. In a career spanning mere seven years, this Canadian unit of aural assassins have brought terror and war to crowds all over the northern hemisphere, destroying venues across Europe and North America on multiple occasions and establishing themselves as an infamous and unstoppable killing machine in live performances. The band has made such a name for themselves in the North American underground that they have been invited on multiple occasions to play big events like Maryland Deathfest and tour Europe on multiple occasions. In this sense the band’s name seems to match perfectly with their nature within the live environment: leave nothing standing - leave everything in an endless wake of terror and destruction. But WAKE is far from being only and aural cataclysm restricted to the live environment, quite the opposite, as the band has released a string of albums and splits that speak for themselves, and are just another horrifying statement of the violence and sheer aggression which nests inside the soul of this band.

YATTAI Fast Music means Love CD (B6010)
Whether you perceive it as a pitfall or not, when the foot slams on the pedal most fastcore shares that indistinguishable guitar blur as all those riffs lament into one another, the odd astounding one jumping ahead of the stampede, hooking you for a moment or two before being trampled back into the swing of things, a cycle which repeats itself in perpetuum; Such was the paradigm of fastcore. Inverting this schematic by offering concise, clear and catchy riffs one after the other without any inclination towards industrial blandness or repetition would be French posthaste grindcore inclined fastcore greyhounds Yattai.

INFEST The next will be yours CD (B6011)
3rd album of french grinders. 21 songs of devastating sound, ultra fast blast and insane vocals (including a Nasum cover).

Second album of polish underground grindcore elit!

DISTURBANCE PROJECT Grita Mientras Puedas CD (B6013)
Violent old school grindcore!!!

HUMAN CULL Stillborn Nation CD (B6014)
The band’s sound is influenced by 80’s grindcore and crust bands such as NAPALM DEATH, DOOM, FEAR OF GOD, DISCHARGE & TERRORIZER as well as more recent acts such as Nasum, Gadget, Nuclear Death Terror and 324. They have toured the UK and played events such as Chimpy Fest, Bleh Fest and Subvert Fest alongside Doom, Deviated Instinct, Magrudergrind, Captain Cleanoff…

TRIGGER Start our Revenge CD (B6015)
Faster faster faster, the first Trigger Album with a 25 minute Oversdose of Noise, Grind and Powerviolence!

MINDFLAIR Scourge of mankind CD (B6016)
Scourge of Mankind' is Mindflair's latest full length. Unlike other grindcore bands, Mindflair flesh out their riffs, stressing on the emotion than blowing you away to bits, which they do it anyway. Comparable to BRUTAL TRUTH meets SOILENT GREEN, the music is sizzling as well as grooving heavily. It's thick, sludgy and visceral, like hot tar being splattered all over your body as it's being pummelled to pulp. This is easily the band's most proficient album yet, ever since the band made a splash on the international circuit with the smashing debut titled 'Green Bakery'. EveryDayHate Records will be doing justice to this stunner of a release, out on CD as well as 12" vinyl, giving fans of grindcore something gnarly, thick as a trunk, and volatile like cascading mountain collapses.

HELLCRAFT Apotheosis of war CD (B6017)
Pure DEath Metal from Ukraine!

SEVENSINS Due Diaboli et Apocalypse CD (B6018)
Symphonic Black/Death Metal band from Kazakhstan

ROTTING FLESH Infected Purity CD (B6019)
third full-length album by the atmospheric death/ black metal band Rotting Flesh, hailing from Greece.