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CHEMICIDE's last 2 albums to be released south of Mexico via MARQUEE RDS in January
VARGR and CRUEL FATE out Now!.
CHEMICIDE's entire catalog to be released on Cassette format by CDN in 2020
SOOTHSAYER's "have a good time" album pushed back to April 2020
PRC Music to release teh new CREEPING FLESH(Sweden), HERESY (Costa Rica), CATARSIS INCARNE (Costa Rica) and APOCRYPHUS (Peru)!
Debut album from Sherbrooke's LEPROSY to be released in fall 2020
NEW ARRIVALS 2019-12-25

Merrry x-mass!

Crushing Death / thrash!

THANATOS Thanatology: Terror from the Vault CD (BO67)
Cult OSDM from the Netherlands!

FILTHEATER Blight of Sempiternal Putrefaction CD (BO67)
Gritty filty OSDM!

ATARAXY Curse of the Requiem Mass / Rotten Shit CD (BO67)
Heavy dark gritty Doom Death!

ECTOPLASMA White-Eyed Trance CD (BO67)
Brutal OSDM! Awesome!

VULTUR Drowned in Gangrenous Blood CD (BO67)
Brutal OSDM!

CARCINOID Metastatic Declination CD (BO67)
Brutal Fith! Sick shit!

DESECRESY Towards Nebulae CD (BO67)
OSDM god! new album is amazing!

OBSCURE Darkness Must Prevail CD (BO67)
Brutal heavy Death Metal!

AGGRESSION (ca) Fragmented Spirit Devils CD (BO67)
Latest album from the Canadian Kult!

AGGRESSION (ca) The Full Treatment CD (BO67)
Amazing kult thrash!

DEMIGOD Slumber of Sullen Eyes CD (BO67)
Pure godliness! Perfect OSDM!

THRASHFIRE Into the Armageddon CD (BO67)
Brilliant thrash metal!

CRUENTATOR Ain't War Hell? CD (BO67)
HEavy dark thrash!

DEFIXION Tabella Defixionis CD (BO67)
Brutal old school death metal!

OSSUARY ANEX Holy Blasphemition CD (BO67)
Brutal DEath metal! Fucking killer!

Doom death darkness!

ONIROPHAGUS Endarkenment CD (BO67)
Heavy as fuck doom death!

GRISLY The Spectral Wars CD (BO67)
Old school death metal!

THE GROTESQUERY The Lupine Anathema CD (BO67)
Old school melodic swedish death metal!

DETERIOROT In Ancient Beliefs CD (BO67)
Heavy guttural death filth! Pounding as fuck!

ABYTHIC Conjuring the Obscure CD (BO67)
Old school death/doom!

PANIKK Discarded Existence CD (BO67)
Brilliant thrash metal!

HOLYCIDE Annihilate... Then Ask! CD (BO67)
Heavy thrash metal!

PANIKK Unbearable Conditions CD (BO67)
Fucking amazing thrash!

BREATHLESS Return to Pangea CD (BO67)
Unbelievable tech thrash metal! A la Forbidden... this is killer!

ABSENTATION The Intellectual Darkness CD (BO67)
Heavy as fuck death metal!

CENOTAPH Reincarnation in Gorextasy CD (BO67)
Brutal guttural blasting death!

DRAIN OF IMPURITY Perdition Out of the Orbit CD (BO67)
Hyper brutal death metal!

EXILE Unveiling Insanity CD (BO67)
Amazing fucking death/thrash metal a la Death spirityual healing!

ORTHOSTAT Monolith of Time CD (BO67)
Brutal Death with Krisiun influences!

IN THOUSAND LAKES Age of Decay CD (B067)
Melodic Death metal from Spain!

Posted on December 25th, 2019